Turnkey Solutions


The Rockford Systems Machine Safety Turnkey Solution provides safety-conscious organizations with a customized, strategic approach and accompanying toolset to manage their diverse and complex machine safeguarding needs.

Rockford Systems’ Turnkey Solution starts with listening to and understanding your organization’s needs, then developing customized strategies to drive your organization to meet and exceed your industrial machine safeguarding safety goals. As Rockford Systems has focused on providing machine safety solutions to the industry since 1971, it is a leader in workplace safety with a proven track record of developing customized solutions for organizations that seek to reduce the risks associated with machine safety.

Training and Education

Rockford Systems offers comprehensive safety training and many educational resources to get your employees educated on current guarding regulations (OSHA) and standards (ANSI/NPFA/RIA), so your team has visibility and an understanding of the path ahead.


Next Rockford Systems will conduct a comprehensive risk or machine safeguarding assessment. The assessment begins with an identification of your organization’s equipment to scope out the time required for the onsite visit. At a mutually agreed upon time, a technician will visit your site and conduct a comprehensive audit of all equipment and evaluate its compliance in five key guarding areas (Safeguards, Controls, Disconnects, Starters, and Covers). The assessment is based upon OSHA 1910.212 General Requirements (a)(1), ANSI B11 Safety Standards for Metalworking, ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012 Safety Standards for Industrial Robots, and NFPA 70E/79, as applicable. Also, during the assessment, Rockford Systems may need copies of electrical, pneumatic, and/or hydraulic schematics and operator manuals for specific machines to review the control circuit for electrical compatibility of equipment being offered, to verify control reliability of the control circuit, to determine interfacing requirements of suggested equipment. During the assessment, Rockford Systems will conduct the highest quality, most professional assessment that includes frequent communication touchpoints and ongoing project status updates.

Safeguarding Projects

Upon completion of the assessment, a Safety Report and Project Proposal will be provided that identifies where each asset is in, or not in, compliance with the above-stated regulations and standards. Where not in compliance, Rockford Systems will suggest guarding solutions to bring the equipment into compliance, along with associated costs and time frames, to help your organization achieve its goals within your budget. Once the Project Proposal has been agreed upon, Rockford Systems manages the safety project by supplying over 10,000 standardized and customized safety products, providing customized electrical and mechanical design engineering, high-quality installation, and operator training.

Customized Engineered Solutions

Many workplace safety projects require customized, engineered design solutions, electrical and/or mechanical, that integrate seamlessly into your company’s equipment, plants and operations. Our build-to-spec safety solutions review the customer-supplied electrical and hydraulic machine schematics, evaluate existing interfaces or controls for compliance, and identify the need for special interfaces or controls. From there, Rockford Systems delivers customized engineered and automated safety device interfaces or specialized machine controls manufactured to your exact size requirements and automated to reduce operator fatigue. In addition, detailed electrical and hydraulic schematics and Bills of Material (BOMs) are provided for compliance tracking and future parts ordering.

Quality Installations

Rockford Systems installation teams provide complete integration and installation services in your plant and instruct your installation personnel on best safety practices. Crews integrate safety devices into sophisticated machine controls that meet or exceed all OSHA regulations and ANSI/NFPA standards and engineer minor modifications on the spot that might be required to improve operator usability and/or reduce operator fatigue. All installations conclude with operator safety training on the correct use of the new machine safeguarding equipment. In addition, safety training helps operators understand how to remain safe while also maximizing productivity.

Complete Satisfaction

At the conclusion of the safety project, Rockford Systems will provide a formal project review and sign off, working with your organization to ensure complete satisfaction with the safety project and identify any unmet needs.

Ongoing Support

But our relationship does not end there! Rockford Systems continues to stand by your organization with post-sale support, expert technical resources and ongoing reminders about scheduled maintenance, inspections and compliance check points.

Let Rockford Systems take the hard work out of managing your organization’s machine safety program.

Please call 1-800-922-7533 or email customerservice@rockfordsystems.com for more information on how Rockford Systems can help your organization reduce risk and improve employee safety.