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Steel Curtains Help Protect Against Flying Debris Ejected from Hydraulic Presses

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – ROCKFORD, IL, OCTOBER 8, 2020 — The potential for catastrophic injury when operating a hydraulic press is great. Its operation requires a worker to feed, position and remove stock in the area under the powerful ram or near the bending point, exposing him or herself directly to danger. Each year an […]

New Ejection Curtain Protects Hydraulic Press Operators Against Dangerous, High-Velocity Debris

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – ROCKFORD, IL, DECEMBER 26, 2018 — The amount of pressure exerted by a typical hydraulic press can exceed 3000 PSI. Because of this tremendous force, high-velocity debris or shrapnel can be ejected from the press during normal operation, resulting in serious and even fatal injuries to the machinist or bystanders. With […]