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Rockford Systems Detect-a-Finger® Protects Welder Operators’ Fingers from Injuries

ROCKFORD, IL, SEPTEMBER 10, 2021 — The Rockford Systems RKC-500 Detect-A-Finger® drop-probe device prevents serious injuries to welder operators by halting welding machinery from starting its stroke if a finger or hand is detected in the point-of-operation area. To block welding splash, additional lightweight clear plastic shielding can also be attached to the device’s rod. The key components of RKC-500 Detect-A-Finger® […]

With New and Improved Features, Rockford Systems’ Detect-A-Finger® Gen II Offers Riveting and Welding Machine Operators Improved Safety

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – ROCKFORD, IL, AUGUST 1, 2019 — Rockford Systems, a premier provider of machine safeguarding and combustion safety solutions, today launched the next generation of its Detect-A-Finger® drop-probe device to better safeguard riveting and welding machinery to help operators avoid finger and hand injuries. “Ensuring the safety of machinery operators has always […]