Remote Safeguarding Assessment

Rockford Systems now offers a Remote Safeguarding Assessment service, designed for customers with less complex machine safeguarding requirements that need to be evaluated for CFR OSHA 1910, ANSI B11 series standards, and NFPA 79/70E compliance.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2017 annual survey data indicated that there were 121,860 hand injuries and 6,090 non-fatal amputation cases – involving days away from work – for all private industry. Approximately 60 percent of all workplace amputations were caused by machinery, such saws, milling machines, drill stands, bending, rolling or shaping machines, as well as from powered and non-powered hand tools, and other materials handling activities. The Remote Safeguarding Assessment can help employers and operators understand the mechanical components of machinery and the hazardous mechanical motion that occurs at or near these machines to help avoid injury.

Remote Safeguarding AssessmentThe Remote Safeguarding Assessment service is available for customers with basic cutting and turning machines, including drill presses, vertical mills, grinders, small lathes, saws, sanders and riveters. A machine safeguarding specialist will work with customers to provide safeguarding recommendations using the same trusted methodology that Rockford Systems uses in onsite assessments, its proprietary RSXpress™ software and solution set. However, in this case, the assessment is conducted using an audio or video conference that helps save the customer time and money. The quality of the remote assessment will be dramatically improved by reviewing not only the machines, but also how operators use the machines and how those machines fit into the broader production process. This is oftentimes best accomplished using a Zoom video conference, which is free to download and a meeting link will be sent.

To get started, customers contact Rockford Systems and request a Remote Safeguarding Assessment. To determine the amount of time required for the remote assessment, customers are asked to provide basic machine and in-place guarding information. Upon receipt, an appointment is scheduled using either an audio conference or an interactive video conference based upon customer preference. At the conclusion of the assessment, Rockford Systems provides a comprehensive Safeguarding Report and Proposal that outlines the findings and provides suggestions to reduce risk and improve compliance, if applicable. Suggestions will be provided in the areas of guards, devices, awareness barriers/devices, safeguarding methods and/or safe work practices and will reference applicable OSHA regulations and ANSI/NFPA standards.

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