Safety Awareness Barriers



  • OSHA Compliant
  • 42″ high double-rail system
  • 1.9″ diameter rails–powder-coated safety yellow or anodized aluminum
  • Round flanged floor mounts can be anchored to the floor (hardware not included)
  • Sold as corner kits, straight kits, and extension kits
  • Installation is quick and simple

Product Description

Safety Awareness Barriers, Physical and Visual Tool –

Safety awareness barriers are ideal for use in the manufacturing industry. They provide both a physical and visual means to warn people that hazards exist beyond the awareness barrier. These awareness railings are preferable to a yellow awareness line on the floor because they require a conscious effort and contact with them to gain access into a hazard area. Awareness barrier railings can be used to surround a wide variety of machines, or used around the backs of machines. They can also be positioned around large areas to contain a group of machines, where only authorized personnel are allowed. Although not considered guards, they are often adequate for lower-level hazard exposures.

The mechanical properties of the 6063-T6 aluminum alloy material provide high strength and resistance to corrosion.

These safety awareness barriers are available as corner section kits, straight section kits, and extension kits. Aluminum-magnesium cast fittings are used to connect the rail systems. Choose kits in powder-coated safety yellow or anodized aluminum.