Transparent Lathe Chuck Shields

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Remember to order a mounting bracket when purchasing a transparent lathe chuck shield.


Product Description

These quality-constructed transparent lathe chuck shields have a tough semicircular shape made from high-impact-resistant polycarbonate. The shields themselves are attached to a 1″ zinc-plated extension tube. This tube is inserted into a mounting bracket. The shield assembly does not include the mounting bracket. Order here.

The semicircular shield covers half the circumference of the lathe chuck because it is mounted an equal distance from the chuck center.

Access to the chuck and workpiece is quick and easy. The shield is lifted up and out of the way for the operator.

The shield size depends on the center height of the lathe and the diameter of the chuck. On lathes with a center height up to 7″, there is a small variation in diameter between the 3- and 4-jaw chucks; therefore, one size shield will do the job.

On lathes with a center height in excess of 7″, there is a greater variation in diameter between the chucks; therefore, it is advisable to use two different size shields to provide adequate protection.

LXS Series Diagram

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