EX-AL™ Perimeter Guarding Steel Hairpins

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Product Description

Steel hairpins are used in the adjustable area of a perimeter guarding panel and are constructed of black-oxidized steel.

These hairpins are 1/4-inch round rods on 3/4-inch centers (1-inch wide from outside to outside) which create a 1/2-inch opening between hairpins.

Hairpins provide adjustability of the guard for going around conveyors, chutes, or other obstructions on the machine or robot. The clip that secures the hairpin in place uses 1-inch of the total hairpin length, and the rounded tip uses 1/2-inch.

For this reason, add 1 1/2-inches to the adjustability required on the hairpin to obtain the proper hairpin length. Example: An 11-inch hairpin will have 9 1/2-inches of adjustability; a 20-inch hairpin will have 18 1/2-inches of adjustability, etc.

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