Safety Mat Control Box (RKR162)

$2,268.46 /

Product Description

This safety mat control box provides an interface for the safety mats to the existing machine control. If someone steps on the mat while the machine is operating or cycling, the control is designed to provide a stop signal; or, if someone is on the mat(s), the stop signal will not allow the machine to start a cycle. If special applications of this control are required, please consult the factory.

This safety mat control is furnished in a dust- and oil-tight NEMA 12 enclosure and includes a selectable latch-out feature. When the latch-out feature is turned on, the machine will not automatically be able to restart until the latch-out has been cleared. This is accomplished with the use of the key-operated selector switch. When the latch-out feature is turned off, the machine can be restarted when the mat is cleared.


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