PROTECTOR™ Series Replacement Shields – Polycarbonate Only

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PROTECTOR Series Replacement Shields include only the clear polycarbonate panel, not the steel frame. Please select your shield shape and size using the configurator below. Contact Customer Service 800-922-7533 for questions.

Product Description

PROTECTOR Series Shields provide the highest level of safety and when the polycarbonate is clear of scratches and other wear. Replacement periods vary by use, but a good rule of thumb is to replacement the poly once per year. PROTECTOR Series Replacement Shields are made of 3/16” shock-proof and oil-resistant polycarbonate, creating an extremely tough, rigid and durable safety shield to protect operators from flying debris, lubricants, coolants and swarf.

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Attributes and Properties

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Flat, 2 Sided, 3 Sided, Octagon, Curved


7"X6", 9"X8", 14"X12", 16"X14", 14"X12"X12", 16"X14"X12", 6"X6"X6", 8"X6"X2", 24"X9"X6.5", 28"X12"X8", 16"X8"X5", 6"X8", 9"X8", 12"X8", 16"X8", 20"X10", 24"X10", 28"X10"