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GermBlock™ shields limit airborne droplets resulting from coughing, sneezing or speaking from reaching a nearby person, therefore helping to mitigate possible COVID-19 infection.

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GermBlock Cough and Sneeze Shield IconThe COVID-19 pandemic is causing organizations to take extra precautions for the well-being of employees, customers, suppliers, educators, students and more. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that employers should have a COVID-19 health and safety plan to protect employees that includes placing barriers (e.g., sneeze guard) between personnel working in close proximity.

GermBlock™ Cough and Sneeze Guards limit the spread of airborne droplets resulting from coughing, sneezing or speaking from reaching a nearby person, therefore helping to mitigate possible COVID-19 infection. They are available in a variety of form factors and price points to meet the needs of any industrial, commercial, retail, clean room or educational institution’s needs.

Rockford Systems is a respected leader in safety. Our mission is to provide the right safety solution at a superior value to help keep people safe. Unlike knock-off brands or unknown international suppliers, Rockford Systems brings its 50 years of experience into the design, development, production and fulfillment of high-quality GermBlock Cough and Sneeze Shields. Our manufacturing is located in Rockford, Illinois, which allows for production flexibility and quick shipping.


GermBlock Cough and Sneeze Shields Frameless

GermBlock shields are an economical solution for organizations that require easy-to-move and easy-to-clean cough and sneeze barriers that focus on individual germ containment, such as on top of desks, work tables, lunch tables, conference tables and counter tops. Frameless shields are a great solution for schools, colleges and universities, bank teller stations, post offices, check-out counters and other venues that require frequent public contact.

There are three styles of frameless GermBlock shields: desktop (19” H x 24” W x 19” D), tabletop with a pass through (24”, 36” and 48” W x 32” H), and tabletop with a crisscross divider (48” W x 24” H).

Framed GermBlock Shields are a heavy-duty, robust solution for industrial, commercial, clean room and other applications that need a bolted solution for high traffic areas or a movable solution to roll from one area to another. Framed shields are ideal for factories, warehouses, office cubicles, front reception desks, medical offices, clean rooms and more.

There are three models of framed GermBlock shields: floor mount (with and without caster kit), tabletop and tabletop with extended legs (18″ extension) options. Floor-mount shields are available with caster kits in both 36″ and 48″ width versions. Casters not only allow for effortless shield movement, but also provide more stability to the shield due its lower center of gravity.

Caster kits are available in standard and clean-room versions and include two rigid casters and two swivel casters. These food-grade, polyurethane casters are 4” in diameter; two wheels are fixed and two wheels swivel spin 360 degrees. Swivel wheels have brakes that lock both the wheel and swivel rotations. Caster kits are also Made in the USA with 1/4″ 304 stainless steel and the clean-room model features food-grade full penetration welds. Caster kits require assembly and include assembly instructions, as well as necessary stainless steel clean-room compatible hardware. Alternatively, caster kits can be pre-assembled and affixed to the floor mount shield at no additional charge, but please note shipping charges will increase due to the larger package size.
– 36″ kit dimensions = 36″x6″x30″ assembled (45 lbs)
– 48″ kit dimensions = 48″x6″x30″ assembled (50 lbs)

There are two types of GermBlock cough and sneeze shields depending upon the application: standard and clean-room options. Both are available in the same sizes, but the clean-room version features a 1/4″ gap in between the polycarbonate and the stainless-steel frame, allowing for deeper cleaning around the edges and in corners.


Constructed of heavy-duty clear 3/16″ polycarbonate and 16-gauge 304 stainless steel ¾” framing with full penetration welds, the panels are immediately available in standard versions including table top, floor mount and extended-leg versions in popular sizes. To ensure shield stability, floor mount shields include foot plates with gussets and tabletop shields include front and side mounting brackets. Custom shields are also available, which include a broad array of size and mounting options, as well as casters.

Although polycarbonate is half the weight of standard glass, it provides 250 times the impact resistance, whereas acrylic provides only 17 times the impact resistance. Polycarbonate is non-flammable, highly resistant to chemicals, can be drilled without cracking, and can be exposed to high temperatures. Additionally, polycarbonate allows access to natural light and shields out harmful ultraviolet rays. The stainless-steel frame allows the shields to be washed down and sterilized per the CDC’s recommendation for frequent cleaning. The full penetration welds eliminate gaps or cracks that prevent bacterial build up.


GermBlock shields can be cleaned with surface and sterile wipes, ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, and dish-washing soap solution, all of which are cleaning agents specifically recommended by the CDC in the fight against the human coronavirus. Use a porous cloth or sponge to clean. Cleaning instructions are shown in the CLEANING tab above.

Do not use Clorox bleach, bleach- or quaternary ammonium-based broad spectrum cleaners, or Lysol disinfectant spray as they will cause the poly to become brittle.


Rockford Systems provides REPLACEMENT PANELS for all shapes and sizes. Pre-drilled holes allow your organization to quickly and easily swap out an older shield with a new shield in a matter of minutes. Although due to the inherent strength of the poly, most organizations will never need to replace the panels.

GermBlock Cough and Sneeze Shield Replacement Panel


Shields can also be made for customized applications, featuring different size, mounting and caster options, as well as the potential to use different gauge poly and framing materials. Our Midwestern manufacturing capabilities offers an unlimited range of potential solutions. (Please note, longer lead times apply for custom shields.)


GermBlock hields are available in the popular standard sizes below for expedited shipping.
FS = Floor Standing (Floor Mount)
TT = Table Top
EX = Extended Leg
CR = Clean Room Version


Let us do the work for you! Rockford Systems can provide organizations with a full turnkey solution, whereby specialists will visit customer locations to recommend standardized or customized GermBlock shields, take measurements, and expedite fulfillment for a comprehensive airborne protection program. Rockford Systems will install GermBlock shields onsite, plus provide employee training on proper use and care.

Please visit to learn more about the Rockford Systems COVID-19 response.

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GermBlock Cough and Sneeze Shieldss Dimensions

GermBlock™ Shields can be washed down frequently with hot water, cleaning solutions and high-pressure sprays. Use a porous cloth or sponge for best results.

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Safetec of America Safetec surface wipes
CONTEC Healthcare Peridox RTU
CONTEC Healthcare Prosat sterile wipes PS-911EB
Generic Hydrogen peroxide 3%-5%
Generic Isopropyl alcohol 70%
Generic Warm dish washing soap solution

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Procter & Gamble Clorox broad spectrum quaternary disinfectant cleaner
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Reckitt Benckiser Lysol disinfectant spray brand III original
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