Electrically Interlocked Milling Machine Shields-Semicircular

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Product Description

Goes beyond OSHA and ANSI safety requirements

burst4TecnoThese are electrically interlocked heavy-duty shields for vertical milling machines with two (2) safety microswitch locations. When the shield is swung out of position at either safety microswitch location, the positive contacts on the microswitch open, sending a stop signal to the machine control. The safety microswitch electrical wires are furnished with a protective sheath and connect to the safety circuit of the machine that switches off the control to the movement of the spindle. All safety microswitches are mounted in an enclosed housing with an enclosure rating of IP67.

These have a thermo-formed shield made from high impact-resistant, transparent polycarbonate that provides operator protection from flying chips and coolant. The shields, in tubular-steel frames, clamp to a support rod that rotates 180° and operates the shield safety microswitch. Tubular-steel arms provide additional adjustability at the joint and steel base. The steel base, which houses a second safety microswitch, can be laterally adjusted from .59″ to 7.87″ (15 to 200 mm).

These electrically interlocked milling machine shields-semicircular are available in different sizes and are available as left-mount or right-mount models. Because the shield, arms, and base are adjustable, the shield can be positioned for maximum protection during operation and can be swung out of the way for easy access to the workpiece and tooling.



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