Electrically Interlocked Grinder and Tool Grinder Shields

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Product Description

Goes beyond OSHA and ANSI safety requirements

burst4TecnoThese electrically interlocked grinder and tool grinder shields are ideal for single- and double-wheel grinders. When the heavy-duty shield is swung out of position, the positive contacts on the microswitch open, sending a stop signal to the machine control. The safety microswitch electrical wires are furnished with a protective sheath and connect to the safety circuit of the machine that switches off the control to the movement of the grinding wheel. All safety microswitches are mounted in an enclosed housing with an enclosure rating of IP 67.

The multi-adjustable, hexagonal steel arm structure allows easy mounting on the most diverse grinders. A versatile clamp allows horizontal and vertical adjustment of the shield.

All electrically interlocked grinder and tool grinder shields consist of a high impact-resistant, transparent polycarbonate shield with an aluminum profile support and provide operator protection from flying chips and coolant.

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