Control Monitor for Two-Hand Controls (RFY014)


Control Monitor is for relay-logic controls only.

Product Description

This control monitor can be furnished as a replacement part for relay-logic controls and two-hand control for most any operation.

This unit is designed specifically for two-hand, anti-tie-down applications. It is an off-delay timer relay with immediate dropout produced by the opening of an external contact. The timer is adjustable from 0 to 7 seconds. This time can be used for the concurrent time between pushing the buttons for two-hand control.

Output consists of 1 NO and 1 NC heavy-duty contacts. These are electrically independent for versatility of application. Proper application can provide self-monitoring.

This device can be readily applied in control circuits for most machines requiring two-hand control for operator safety.

Electrical Ratings
Input: 120 V AC, 60 Hertz
Contact Rating: 250 V AC, 10 A

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