Bridgeport Milling Machine Chip Shields

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Front and rear shields are available.

Bridgeport Milling Machine Chip Shields KYL019 and KYL059 are *Marked for Discontinuation* until inventory is depleted. Replacement transparent shields and mounting arms will be supported and supplied through January 1, 2024 or until inventory is depleted.

Replacement Bridgeport Milling Chip Shields for KYL Series are the Protector Series Shields:
Please see the links below for direct replacement options. Offered with optional interlocks, LED mighting and monitored.

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Product Description

Poly-carbonate Chip Shields For Bridgeport Milling Machines –

These specially designed, quality-constructed shields are ideal for Bridgeport milling machines. These chip shields for Bridgeport milling machines place a barrier between flying chips (swarf), sparks, coolant from the machine, and the operators or other employees in the area. They can easily be moved in or out of position which provides for quick tool and part changes.

These shields are quick and easy to install. They attach directly to existing head machine bolts so they do not require drilling or tapping.

The Shield Construction

These shields are constructed of high-impact poly-carbonate material. Attached at the bottom of each section of the shield is durable, flexible neoprene material to keep flying chips and swarf contained as the bed moves up and down. The front shield is mounted on a heavy-duty universal steel arm which is used to swing it back into the exact position it was in before tool or workpiece changes. The arm is 29″ long and has an adjusting knob for raising and lowering the shield. The shield itself can also be used to hold a print.

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