Milling Machine Guards, Shields & Controls

Milling machine guards, shields, and controls are designed to protect the operator from accidental access to the point of operation of the milling machine. They protect the operator from flying chips, sparks, and other detritus.

Bridgeport Milling Machine Chip Shields

Specially designed, quality-constructed shields ideal for Bridgeport milling machines. These chip shields place a barrier between flying chips (swarf), sparks, coolant from the machine, and the operators or other employees in the area.

Slide and Swing-Aside Shields

Slide and swing-aside shields protect operators when machining either small workpieces or large castings that sometimes overhang the milling machine table. At the same time, they can provide immediate and complete access to the workpiece or casting being machined by sliding or swinging aside the door(s).

Bridgeport Milling Machine Controls

Bridgeport milling machine controls are available for Bridgeport vertical milling machines. Each control is housed in a NEMA 12 enclosure that includes a disconnect switch, reversing magnetic main drive motor starter, a control relay for the table motor, and a 100 VA transformer. Also included is a remote station with operator controls consisting of a self-latching red emergency-stop palm button, an illuminated green table motor reset push button, and a main motor reverse/off/forward selector switch.

Draw Bar Covers

The Draw Bar Cover protects vertical mill workers from rotating shafts below 7 feet off the ground. It guards the turning draw bar with a non-rotating, smooth, welded-steel enclosure, secured firmly to the mill with a powerful ring magnet and safety anchor chain. Simple to install, the draw bar cover prevents clothing, hair or hands from being grabbed by the moving shaft.

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