Lockout-Tagout Assessment

Proven Expertise in Lockout Compliance

Master Lock

Rockford Systems and The Master Lock Company formed a partnership to provide our customers with the best possible lockout/tagout assessment solutions. Master Lock’s team of lockout experts help ensure that your facility is fully compliant through our systematic audit and visual lockout procedure writing process. Master Lock technicians have years of experience writing programs and procedures for companies across all industries. Whether you need to improve your existing machine-specific procedures or develop an entirely new lockout program, Master Lock can help.

Lockout procedures are required for all machinery with multiple energy sources within a facility.

Visual lockout procedures have become the industry standard and provide workers with a reference tool for easily identifying how to:
• Shut down and control hazardous energy
• Apply and remove lockout equipment
• Verify machinery is in a zero-energy state


Your written lockout program needs to specify the ways your company will meet compliance requirements through an efficient, best practices approach. Through an on-site consultation, the Master Lock team will assess your workplace to develop a comprehensive lockout program using the following methodology:
• A review of your existing lockout program
• A facility tour to assess current lockout practices and identify machine or system hazards
• A review and assessment of content for any existing lockout procedures
• A review of lockout-related inspection records
• Conduct an interview to address site-specific details for development of your new or updated lockout program
• An electronic, editable written lockout compliance program is released to you for implementation and continuous evaluation


The Lockout procedures included in the scope will be developed by our field technicians using their experience, OEM manuals, drawings, panel schedules, system analysis and other means. They will also regularly solicit input from your personnel who are familiar with your equipment.

After development and delivery, these lockout procedures will be ready to be applied to the machinery they were created for. However, definitive proof of effectiveness can only be established when the procedure(s) are physically applied and validated as effective in producing a zero-energy state for the machine.

After the Lockout Procedures have been developed, delivered and posted, representatives of your company should validate the procedures by applying the procedure during a controlled shut down event of the equipment or during the next scheduled maintenance event.

This initial validation should be documented by noting directly on the procedure or it can be tracked electronically through other means such as a spreadsheet. During the initial validation, if any inaccuracies are found they should be communicated back to us immediately. We will then correct and update the procedure. Please note that “Initial Validation” is different than “Verification”. Validation occurs only once. Verification of zero energy state must occur every time the procedure is applied.

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Please call Rockford Systems at 1-800-922-7533 or The Master Lock Company at 1-800-604-9258 for more information.