Lathe Chuck Wrench Demonstration Video and Information

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Lathe chuck wrenches help prevent one of the most common accidents on lathes: when a chuck wrench (or key) is thrown from the chuck. This happens when someone forgets to remove the chuck wrench from the chuck before the machine is turned on.

A self-ejecting, spring-loaded chuck wrench can be used on lathes or other machines equipped with manually adjusted chucks. The spring-loaded sleeve ejects the wrench from the chuck after each use. These wrenches are engineered and designed to provide proper loads for self-removal of the wrench weight.

The standard lathe chuck wrench has a stationary 5 1/2-inch or 9 1/2-inch handle and 8-inch long body. The longer-handle lathe chuck wrench has a sliding, 18-inch handle and 10-inch long body.

Chuck wrenches are available in both inches and millimeters. Click for more information Lathe Chuck Wrenches.

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