Hydraulic Press Brake Safeguarding System

Hydraulic Press Brake Guarding System

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This AOPD (active opto-electronic protective device) hydraulic press brake safeguarding system is designed for retrofit applications and provides a high level of operator protection while maintaining machine productivity and performance. It incorporates a laser based safeguarding system that is CE certified and is compliant with all international press brake safety standards including EN12622, ANSI B11.3, CSA Z142-10, and NR12.

This AOPD laser based hydraulic press brake safeguarding system includes a controller, a user interface panel, an optical rotary encoder, a dual laser transmitter/receiver pair with cables, and mounting brackets. A continuous dual laser field protects the zone directly below the punch tip which enables unrestricted access to the tooling area. This means the operator can hold the work piece as close as 20 mm from the bend line and still operate the machine safely at high speed.


  • Automatic mute point setup
  • User interface panel with color graphics display
  • Close proximity protection
  • AutoSense technology that monitors machine performance in real time
  • RapidBend technology enables the tools to close in high speed until the opening is only 1/4 inch (6 mm)
  • Supports the use of light curtains so the operator can easily switch between the laser guarding or light curtains

How The Hydraulic Press Brake Safeguarding System Works

The transmitter and receiver are mounted to the upper beam of the press brake. The laser field is processed by the receiver and is divided into three continuous zones to detect obstructions entering from the front, sides, and rear of the tool area. The front zone provides protection forward of the tool while the middle zone protects the area just behind the tip of the punch. The rear zone provides additional protection for the open gaps created when segmented tooling is used. The protective zones are independently and automatically muted to suit different shaped work pieces allowing parts to be formed safely and at high speed.

The AOPD hydraulic press brake safeguarding system continuously monitors the critical speeds and stopping distance of the moving member of the machine. If the safe speed and/or the stopping distance (overrun) is exceeded, the system will issue a stop command to the machine. There is no need for a separate speed or stopping distance (overrun) monitor.

What’s Included

hydraulic press brake guarding system - user interface

User Interface Panel — Displays machine status in real time and provides simple-to-follow instructions and messages on the 4.3″ color display. The operator can quickly change guarding modes with the press of a button.


Dual Laser Transmitter/Receiver Pair — Dual flat bands of continuous laser light detect obstructions as small as 4 mm while remaining vibration tolerant.

bracketsMounting Brackets — Vertical brackets to mount the transmitter and receiver, and horizontal mounting brackets to mount to the press brake.


Safety Controller — CE certified category 4 safety controller with integrated force guided relays and encoder feedback system.

hydraulic press brake guarding system - encoderOptical Rotary Encoder — Monitors movement, speed, and stopping performance of the machine during operation.

How To Buy

This AOPD hydraulic press brake safeguarding system is supplied and installed by Rockford Systems, LLC. Call our sales department at 815-874-7891 for pricing and availability. Or contact us for further information on our hydraulic press brake safeguarding system.