Customized Machine Safeguarding Solutions

Build-To-Spec? No Problem.

Customized Machine Safeguarding Many machine safeguarding projects identified in the Machine Safeguarding Assessment require customized, engineered design solutions that integrate seamlessly into your company’s machines, plants and operations. Our build-to-spec machine safeguarding solutions review the customer-supplied electrical and hydraulic machine schematics, evaluate existing interfaces or controls for compliance, and identify the need for special interfaces or controls.

From there, Rockford Systems delivers customized engineered and automated safety device interfaces or specialized machine controls manufactured to your exact size requirements and automated to reduce operator fatigue. In addition, detailed electrical and hydraulic schematics and Bills of Material (BOMs) are provided for compliance tracking and future parts ordering.

All engineered design solutions meet or exceed all OSHA, ANSI and NFPA 79 standards for machine and operator safety. Experts in their field, Rockford Systems provides industry leadership on the ANSI B11.0 Committee and ANSI B11-19 Writing Committee and trusted, quality engineering solutions to many of North America’s largest companies.