Standard Valve Trains

Provides valve train management and combustion safety solutions for organizations that work with fuel-fired equipment.

valve train
Rockford Systems offers a wide array of standard fuel valve trains from ½” to 2” with standard capacities up to 7,500 SCFH*, and pre-designed units with capacities up to 22,500 SCFH. With over 60,000 pre-engineered solutions to choose from – all of which are stocked and assembled in the Midwest and comply with applicable North American safety codes – Rockford Systems can quickly supply or replace an entire fuel valve train with our Stallion Quick Ship Program.

Standard components of all fuel valve trains sizes include: regulators, in-line strainers, dual-safety shut-off valves, manual-isolation valves, pressure switches, and test fittings. All assemblies are powder coated and pressure tested. Optional components consist of leak-test systems, gauges and pilot gas controls.

All Rockford Systems industrial-grade components are ventless, wired to universally accept 50 or 60Hz control systems, and accommodate operating fuel and ambient temperatures anywhere from 14°F to 140°F. Optional features such as, lockable valves, valve proving, flexible compensators, pilot-line assemblies, 230V controls, and climatizing to -20°F, are also available. Standard valve trains are also importable as 3D models for customers’ CAD systems.

Fuel valve trains are manufactured to meet or exceed NFPA, NEMA, NEC, CSA, UL, FM and other globally-recognized safety standards.

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*Standard Cubic Feet Per Hour