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Delivering Trusted Combustion Safety Solutions for Organizations Using Thermal Processes

Why Combustion Safety?
Rockford Systems has expanded its industrial safety solution portfolio to better meet our customers’ manufacturing safety needs. Rockford Systems has launched a new Combustion Safety division that provides turnkey solutions for organizations that use thermal processes in their operations. This expansion enables Rockford Systems to provide new and complimentary value-added safety solutions and enables traditional safeguarding customers the ability to grow their industrial safety focus with a trusted and reliable partner.

Reducing Risk. Improving Safety. Protecting Workers.

Many Rockford Systems’ traditional safeguarding customers use machines to fabricate products which are subsequently thermally processed. By expanding our range of services to include combustion safety, Rockford Systems broadens its industrial safety solution portfolio to better meet our customers’ heat-treatment needs.

Poorly designed or inadequately maintained combustion systems can lead to explosions, fires, asphyxia and burns when exposed to hazardous vapors and gases. For that reason, Rockford Systems offers a wide variety of combustion safety products and services to reduce those risks to facilities and workers alike.

Turnkey Combustion Safety Solutions
Rockford Systems Combustion Safety (RSCS) offers combustion safety training, on-site risk assessments, annual inspections*, pre-acquisition audits, customized engineered solutions, standardized and customized valve safety trains, quality installation and post-sale support. This turnkey solution allows customers the convenience of one-stop shopping for all of their combustion safety needs, as well as provides peace-of-mind working with a globally trusted brand such as Rockford Systems.

*Required for NFPA 85/86/87 compliance

Unrivaled Service and Support
An important part of the new Combustion Safety division’s value proposition is best-in-class delivery, which benefits customers by decreasing production downtime. To achieve delivery in days rather than weeks or months, Rockford Systems offers an array of standardized valve safety trains that are pre-engineered, modular, assembled from existing segments, and importable as 3D models for customers’ CAD systems. Their modular design eases installation, as does the prewired option. Standard valve safety trains are stocked and available in multiple sizes with capacities up to 7,500 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH) and pre-designed units with capacities up to 22,500 SCFH. Customized layouts for any capacity, fuel, footprint or environment are also available.

Rockford Systems Valve Safety Train

Valve Safety Trains 101
Valve safety trains control the flow of gasses for industrial equipment, such as furnaces, ovens, dryers and boilers, making them a crucial component in assuring operational safety and energy efficiency. Owing to the presence of hazardous vapors and gases, a poorly designed or inadequately maintained system can lead to explosions, fires, asphyxia and burns. For that reason, Rockford Systems’ valve safety trains feature industrial-grade construction and are universally wired to accept most North American control systems. Optional features allow for common adaptations such as safety valve proving, climates down to -20°F, 230V controls, lockable valves, and pilot-line assemblies. The designs feature industry-leading components and are engineered to meet or exceed NFPA, NEMA, CSA, UL, FM and other globally-recognized safety standards.

All Rockford Systems valve safety trains are manufactured to the highest-quality, industrial-grade safety standards and feature ventless operation, wired to 50 and 60Hz control systems, and accommodating fuel and ambient temperatures ranging between 14°F and 140°F. Optional features allow for common adaptations such as safety valve proving, climates down to -20°F, 230V controls, lockable valves, pilot-line assemblies and flexible compensators. The designs include industry-leading, globally-branded components – such as Siemens® valves and Pietro-Fiorentini® regulators – and are engineered compliant with NFPA, NEMA, CSA, UL, FM and other globally-recognized safety standards.

Our Difference
1. Trusted and reliable industrial safety partner
2. Best-in-Class Delivery – Standard safety trains (1/2” to 2”) will ship within days of order
2. Meets or exceeds all globally recognized safety standards – NFPA, NEMA, NEC, CSA, UL, FM
3. Importable 3D models and certified drawings
4. Superior two (2) year warranty

Rockford Systems Can Help
Rockford Systems stands committed to the prevention of injuries and fatalities. We are here to help businesses large and small address industrial machine and combustion safety challenges and to remove the burden of managing inspections, conducting risk assessments and overseeing standards compliance through our trusted turnkey solutions.

For more detailed information about Rockford Systems Combustion Safety Solutions, please reference our resources below:

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– Download the Rockford Systems Combustion Safety Overview brochure HERE.

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