Annual Validation Audits

Once a safety program is established, it should be evaluated initially to validate that it is being implemented as intended. After that, employers should periodically, and at least annually, step back and assess what is working and what is not, and whether the program is on track to achieve its goals. Annual audits and compliance validation is recommended for organizations that wish to ensure that safeguarding products are working at optimal performance and operators are using safeguarding solutions as designed and trained.

Available to companies that have previously done a Machine Safeguarding Assessment with Rockford Systems, LLC. An annual validation audit is ideally suited for organizations that have relocated machines, changed production processes and/or personnel.

Our safeguarding specialists will visit your site(s) to conduct an expedited conforming audit per the ANSI B11.0-2020 safety standard. Using our existing project records or your machine list and electrical schematics, we identify new machinery tasks and hazards using visual inspections and function testing.

Upon completion of the expedited conforming audit, we will detail the audit findings, as well as suggested hazard reduction solutions required to comply with OSHA regulations, ANSI  and NFPA 79 standards for best safety practice. Additionally, we will provide a comprehensive Project Proposal will outline the costs and training required to bring the site(s) back into full compliance. We will leave your site(s) with a substantial reduction in risk.