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     Drill Presses  
    - Electrically Interlocked
       Heavy-Duty Lathe Shields

    - Electrically Interlocked
       Heavy-Duty Crosslide
       /Carriage Travel Shields

    - Sliding Shields
    - Crosslide-Travel Shields
    - Small Steel Chuck Shields
    - Large Steel Chuck Shields
    - Transparent Chuck Shields
    - Mounting Brackets
    - Chuck Wrenches
    - Universal Ball &
       Socket Shields

    - Magnetic-Base Shields
    - Rigid-Arm
      Magnetic-Base Shields

    - Flexible-Arm/Snake-Arm/
      Gooseneck Shields

    - On/Off Magnet-Base Shields
    - Sensing-Saf-Start® Devices
      - Sensing-Saf-Start® 200
      - Sensing-Saf-Start® 300
     Milling Machines  
     Band Saws  
     Belt Sanders  
     Disc Sanders  
     Interlocked Slotting and
    Broaching Type Machine
     All-Purpose Shields  
     Portable Weld Screen
    and Grinding Station Screen
     Guards (Covers)
    Mechanical Motion Covers
     Riveters & Welders  
     Machine Safeguarding Devices  
     Wristlets, Straps & Connectors  
     Auxiliary Safeguarding  
   Electrically Interlocked
    Heavy-Duty Shields
   Die Safety Blocks & Access.  
   Machine/Perimeter Guarding  
   Disconnects & Starters  
   Lockout/Tagout Equipment  
   Safety Interlock Switches  
   Danger Signs & Labels  
   Palm Buttons &
    Foot Switches
   Machine Safety Accessories  
   Training Aids  
   LED Industrial Lighting  
   Open-Box Items  
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Safety on Metalworking and Woodworking Lathes—Lathe Shields and Motor Controls

We have a complete line of lathe shields to meet OSHA regulations (view references) for protecting operators. We carry metalworking and woodworking lathe shields, spring-loaded self-ejecting lathe chuck wrenches, disconnects and motor starters, plus a Sensing Saf-Start® which offers dropout protection (anti-restart).


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