Chip Shield for Bridgeport Milling Machines

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Rockford Systems, LLC, is located in Rockford, Illinois and has over 42 years of experience in industrial machine safeguarding. Rockford Systems offers a total solution for all machine guarding and control requirements. Our complete line of products allows industry to meet or exceed the OSHA and ANSI standards for machine guarding. This is why we are known as "The Machine Safeguarding People."

We provide a wide range of guarding and controls for fabricating, cutting, and turning machines including:

Machine Guarding for All Types
   of Machines

Safety Shields
Electrically Interlocked Heavy-Duty

Drill Press Shields
Grinder Shields
Lathe Shields
Milling Machine Shields
Band Saw Shields
Belt Sander Shields
Disc Sander Shields
Slotting & Broaching Type Machine Shields
All-Purpose Safety Shields
Safety Interlock Switches
Machine/Perimeter Guarding
Full-Revolution Press Guarding
Hydraulic Press Guarding
Hydraulic Press Brake Guarding
Mechanical Press Brake Guarding
Part-Revolution Press Guarding
Die Safety Blocks
Disconnects & Starters
Weld Screen & Grinding Station Screen
Waterjet Cutting Services
S3000 Safety Laser Scanner
Wristlets, Straps, and Connectors
Heavy-Duty Interlocked Safety Shields

We educate individuals in the areas of machine guarding through our in-house, hands-on monthly machine safeguarding seminar. The seminar can also be customized and given on-site at your facility.

We provide complete turnkey, integration and installation services of all our products. We also provide the following services to help meet your machine guarding requirements:

Detailed Machine Surveys Installation of Machine Controls Training of Operators and Personnel
Professional Proposals Fabricate Custom Guards On-Site Service and Maintenance Calls
Installation of Machine Guarding Safety Equipment Interfaces After-Hours Technical Support

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